Conrad's Castle

JCB and other plant stuff

If I get around to it this page will have some stuff about my old JCB, the Powerfab 125, the Fergie and other plant items that I collect during the course of my barn conversion and other projects. In the meantime, here are some huge pics.

My Powerfab 125 mini-digger.

This thing is the dog's. You can tow it behind a car without a trailer because it weighs slightly less than 750kgs. You can slide the wheels inwards so it will go through a doorway, it runs forever off one tank of unleaded and will dig an entire wheelbarrowfull in one go. Makes very light (and fun) work of jobs that the JCB is too clumsy for. Its has a 10hp honda engine. It drivers itself along and is skid-steer so will turn around in almost no more room than it is big. My favourite toy at the moment.

The JCB 3c Mk1

Its old. Very old. As far as I can tell its about 1965, with the leyland 4cyl engine. As the pic below shows its incredibly useful for alot more than digging. Appears to lift around a tonne no problem. There is a big crack in the King Post tho so I'm being careful with the back actor until I can get a new one on there. Which first means Getting The Old One Off.

This is how it currently looks without the back actor.

The Dumper

This dude is a Benford manual everything dumper. Hand start 2 cyl petter engine, and manual tip, both of which are hard work (but very reliable). Its in very good knick, so I try to be careful with it, although its worked pretty hard for me. Only 2WD, which is a bit of a prob as the ground is pretty soft, but the orange landy it good at pulling it out.

The Box

Not exactly Plant, but lives in the field. This is where I keep stuff locked up.

This must have looked a sight coming down the M53. Why I didnt get stopped I dont know.